Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze

Get it while it’s hot! Profit from 5-10% reductions on a range of products and services.

Until October 31st, 2018, Bioengineering is offering onetime savings to their benchtop/lab-pilot reactors, spare parts, components, and a number of services.

Who’s eligible?

This added value applies to all customers and non-customers. All are welcome to take advantage of the ‘Autumn Breeze‘.


A 5% benefit on standard pricing will be passed on to eligible academic institutions.

Benchtop and Laboratory Reactors

RALFs are eligible for a 5% reduction in price and KLFs 10%, the only in situ sterilizable glass fermenter on the market. NLFs are available upon request and subject to availability. Our benchtop and laboratory range is ideal for upscaling and downscaling studies, as well as for research and education purposes.


Also available for 5% less than before are the Inversina models (2L manual and electric, 20L and 50L), CupHermann and Jet CIP valves. The CupHermann has applications in businesses that have high dust generating ingredients like water and waste treatment plants, paint, adhesive or food industry. Inversina has endless uses in a plethora of industries or even at home, where conventional blenders and mixers are often unsatisfactory.

Services & Spare Parts

In introducing Bioengineering’s Uptime for a Lifetime service concept, we are offering a 10% reduction on wear and tear parts, and 5% on Hardware. This also applies to product spare part kits.

For more information please contact our sales team:

(Conditions apply. Please be advised that reductions cannot be combined.)