Media / Buffer Hold

Media / Buffer Hold

We develop solutions for you for the preparation and transfer of sterile media and buffers. With this, we guarantee the process flow in biotechnical and biopharmaceutical production.


  • Secure storage and holding of media, corrective agents and buffers
  • Various strategies for microbial processes and cell culture
  • Simple manually-operated vessels and fully-automated storage Systems


Bioengineering storage tanks are not only vessels, but integral process components

  • Fed-batch or continuous processes, pH and anti-foam regulation in the upstream processing, buffer for the cleaning in downstream processing – Sterile solutions must be provided in order to maintain the process flow in the bioproduction.
  • Solutions are prepared in the preparation tanks (link) and transferred to the storage tanks.
  • For microbial fermentations, the medium is sterilized in the storage tank. Media in cell-culture processes are heat-instable and must therefore be sterile filtered in storage tanks.
  • Sterile solutions are dosed into the bioreactor or in the corresponding downstream equipment. The cleaning of the storage tanks takes place as part of the CIP processes. 
  • Bioengineering has a wide range of options for available storage tanks– from simple stirrer tanks to automated systems that are fully integrated in the production line.

Storage Tank Variants

Bacteria or cells, various culture technologies and feed strategies – Bioengineering has the perfect storage tank for you

  • Vessels: Sterilizable stainless-steel vessels with capacities from 30 to 20,000 liters, autoclavable stainless-steel containers from 10 from 50 liters, glass bottles with capacities from 0.5 to 10 liters.
  • Sterilization: Heat-resistant media are sterilized directly in the storage tank. For heat-instable media, the storage tank is sterilized when empty and the media is sterile filtered.
  • Transfer: Pump or pressure systems are available for the transfer of liquids.
  • Feed: Exact dosing concepts are required for feed solutions. For this, Bioengineering employs hygienic regulating valves or pulsing valves. Various measuring and regulating systems can be integrated in the lines for the dosing volumes and flow rates.
  • Controlling: The levels, dosing and pumps can be controlled. Transfers, feeds and sterilization can be automated. Storage tanks can be integrated into the CIP System.