The most important rule: control everything safely. With automation strategies and modules, we create the perfect automation and control system for your process.


  • Bioengineering provides complete solutions for plant automation: From the field layer (sensors, actuators) to the SCADA/DCS level with BioSCADA, DCS systems and interfaces, down to MES/ERP systems.
  • All automation systems are designed modular. The modules are combined according to system and process requirements.
  • From the benchtop fermentor to large-scale plants, the user interfaces and processes are very similar. This simplifies the upscaling of processes, as working out a new operating structure is not required.
  • Small-scale laboratory and research bioreactors usually require monitoring and control of process parameters and automation of the sterilization. Control loops such as temperature, pH, pO2 and speed are controlled by local regulators and BioSCADALab (a full-feature SCADA system). A recipe function enables the possibility of automating process steps.
  • In production systems, several inoculation and production bioreactors, preparation vessels and storage tanks - all with different culture and sterilization strategies - are controlled. This requires a higher automation level with a combination of PLC and BioSCADA advanced.

Modules of the automation pyramid

Benchtop bioreaktors: Local IFM regulators, BioSCADALab.

Laboratory and pilot bioreaktors: Local IFM regulators, BioSCADALab, optional touchscreen, control panels, additional BioSCADA software packages.

Small and mid-sized production units: Siemens PLC, BioSCADA advanced software, optional software (redundancy, recipes, remote service, alarm service).

Large-scale plants: Siemens PLC, BioSCADA advanced software with redundancy package, optional software (recipes, remote service, alarm service).

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