Openness is not only a characteristic property, for you it is a decisive quality feature. You can dock on- and offline analytical devices, third-party systems, databanks and control systems with your plant by means of interfaces.

Available interfaces

  • DP-DP interface: Profibus DP-DP interfaces are used for the integration of time and process-critical real-time or handshake signals from customer-specific third-party systems, such as centrifuges, CIP, WFI, and media dosing.
  • SQL interface: The SQL interface is a simple yet proven interface for provision of data to MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), EBR (Electronic Batch Record Systems) or for ERP systems, or for reading in data from third-party systems (e.g. offline analyses).
  • OPC interface: The OPC interface is a widely used standard in the automation industry and is supported by BioSCADA. It is used for the integration of standardized third-party systems, such as Analyzer.