The modular and extendible software BioSCADA automates the bioprocess in your plants. It is, so to speak, the tailor-made control wheel for specific process requirements, or better, the Autopilot.

Basic Package Features

Basic packages include: BioSCADALab for single fermentors and pilot plants; BioSCADAAdvanced in combination with a Siemens PLC for production systems:

  • Sophisticated control and visualization software with user-friendly and intuitive operating structure.
  • Unrestricted access to local controllers, I/O modules and integrated external devices.
  • Adjustable and controllable features: Set values, profiles, cascades, calibration, PID parameters, operating modes, alarm limits.
  • Features subject to monitoring: Probe signals, operation steps, alarms (via color changes, signal tones and messages), comments, control actions, and operational steps.
  • The sequencer program allows for fully documented, batch-oriented and automated fermentation or cell culture to laboratory benchmark.
  • Graphical representation with line or 3D diagrams, online and historical. Batch reports can be exported for further analysis.
  • Password management is given on several protected levels, within which an accurate definition of the permitted actions are provided.
  • User applications can be started and operated within the intranet from any location.
  • The software is developed and programmed strictly to GAMP 5 and ISA S88 Standards. This applies for single fermentors as well as for large-scale plants.
  • All applications of the BioSCADA software conform to Chapter 21 CFR Part 11. Included here are: Audit trail, batch report, user Administration.

Upgrades for basic packages

  • BioSCADARedundancy: Redundant implementation of software and automation provides highest possible stability of the process system during production.
  • BioSCADARecipe: Programming, testing and implementing recipes is simplified with this software. All recipes are versioned, provided with a status and conform to CFR Part 11. Swift and simple reprogramming of recipes when changing process guidance or equipment.
  • BioSCADAAlarm Server: Alarms are sent to operating or maintenance personnel via SMS or E-mail.
  • BioSCADA remote service: Bioengineering provides highly-individual remote service. Please contact our customer service for details.
  • All upgrades can be readily ordered with minimal outlay or subsequently implemented in BioSCADA software already in use.

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