Food and Nutritional Products

Are you looking to perfectly and hygienically mix food products or nutritional supplements? The Inversina has helped people and companies with such needs many times in the past. Applications include the mixing of:

  • Spices
  • Sugar beads
  • Lactose powder
  • Nutritional supplements and functional food ingredients
  • Herbs
  • Protein powder
  • Lactic acid bacteria and yeast as starter cultures for cheese, wine, beer, or other fermented products
  • and many more
  • References:
    The Inversina is used by a high number of very successful and distinguished companies all around the world in a large variety of applications. We invite you to visit our Testimonials section. Personal references are available upon request. More than half of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world (as per 2010 revenue reports) own one or more of our Inversinas!

  • Publications

Effects of Gluten Composition and Molecular Weight Distribution on the Noodle Making Potential of Hard White Wheats Bachelor Thesis of Yee-Ling Ong, Oregon State University, Corvallis OR, USA (2003-12-05)

Raw4Health Nutraceuticals – Manufacturing Process Description

Wheat Flour Arabinoxylans in Soft Wheat End-Use Quality Master Thesis by Sunida Asawaprecha, Oregon State University, Corvallis OR, USA (2004-03-18)

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