Sample Preparation, QA/ QC & Analytics

Samples always tend to segregate while being moved and some even while standing still. However, the determination of the exact composition of a large batch or several batches of product often requires homogenization of a number of samples prior to further analysis. In these circumstances, having a highly reliable and reproducible homogenization process in is an absolute necessity – for internal quality assurance and/or regulatory reasons!

The Manual Inversina’s brush insert allows for the mixing of a number of very small containers (such as vials) at once. The 2L and 20L electric Inversina are available with a highly innovative and flexible clamping system that enables the use of virtually any container. Sample preparation is one of the most popular Inversina applications. A few examples of its uses are for:

  • Mixing soil samples to determine average pollution and contamination levels
  • Mixing grain, corn, or flour samples from a large bulk to determine acceptability for use in food products
  • Sample preparation and analysis of pharmaceutical products to ensure patient safety
  • Homogenizing samples of metallic powders prior to further processing
  • and many more
  • References:
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