Mining / Metallurgy

  • Manufacturing of Alloys
    Metallic powders of different specific weights, sizes, or shapes can be blended to perfect uniformity in the Inversina. The Inversina is used to homogenize alloys containing coarse tungsten / tungsten carbide, nickel, palladium, platinum, copper, iron, steel, sintered metals, precious metals, carbon, ceramics, and other metallic powders - prior to further processing steps (e.g. metal injection molding, thermal finishing, etc).
  • Passivation
    The Inversina is used for passivation and/or surface treatment of metallic, ore, ceramic, or glass raw materials. In these cases, beads or other grinding materials are added to the container together with the untreated product and the ingredients are mixed until desired smoothness or roundness has been achieved. The grinding media can then be separated from the end product and recycled.
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control and Sample Preparation
    In some cases, a number of samples need to be homogenized prior to further analysis, as when the exact composition of a large batch of metallic raw materials needs to be determined prior to further processing. Using the extremely reliable, reproducible, and efficient method of 3-D Inversion Kinematics, the Inversina can mix any number of powders with different specific weights, sizes, or shapes to perfect uniformity in a very short time.
  • References:
    The Inversina is used by a number of mining companies and metallic powder manufacturers, including many of the most distinguished mining giants in the world. We invite you to visit our Testimonials section. Personal references are available upon request.

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