Conceptual design

Conceptual design

Every production plant, be it large or small, begins with an idea. And with people who develop it. We call that conceptual design, which is the first step of turning it into reality.


  • At the beginning of a cell culture or fermentation plant are an idea, a concept of the process, expertise in microbiology and biochemistry. With many years of experience, the engineers at Bioengineering help in transferring these concepts and ideas to machinery and equipment customized for the process.
  • Conceptual design is the development of an economically viable concept for future fermentation and cell culture plants, after intensive consultation with the customer.
  • In this stage, the conceptual foundation of the project is laid. Each further step builds on the conceptual design.
  • Conceptual design also forms the basis of cost estimates and budgeting of the project.

Conceptual design put into practice

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The following documents are drawn up during the phase of the conceptual design:

  • Process flow diagram for definition of the functionality, capacity and configuration of the system or plant.
  • Basic 2D layout with optimized arrangement of vessel, skid and platform in the building, in order to provide a floor plan with efficient power supply, material and personnel flow, and design an approximate dimension table of the equipment.
  • Utility requirement list for dimensioning the energy supply systems. This includes the definition of a fluids list.
  • Vessel basic data sheets with dimensions, geometries, materials, surfaces, and drive systems.
  • Equipment load list with the maximum weights of the eligible equipment.
  • Production plan und capacity analysis.
  • Milestone schedule for the project.

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