Detail design

Detail design

Detail design is the third step in the planning phase and the last step before the plant is built.


  • All product specifications for construction of the plant in the desired quality and functionality are defined here.
  • These detail design product specifications describe the implementation of the basic design User Requirement Specifications. They are the basis for the production and testing of the equipment.
  • During the detail design phase, the documents for realization of the project are drawn up. Detail design is therefore closely related to the execution of the project.
  • 3D planning of the complete system, including all required isometrics, is the core of this project phase.

The detailed evaluation of the acceptance of all milestones during the 3D planning is structured as follows:

  • 30% review: 3D models of skids, vessels, platforms, standardized modules and their placement in the customer's building.
  • 60% review: Main piping system with all important components.
  • 90% review: Detailed piping system with all components and instruments.
  • 100% review: Complete model with all supports, cable ducts, pump stands, etc.
  • The Design Qualification (DQ) is thus completed and the detail design is released for realization in our production facilities.

In addition to the 3D model, the following documents are generated in this planning phase:

  • Detailed vessel drawings and nozzle lists with all components/equipment and construction details.
  • Electrical diagrams with I/O lists (list of all Input and Output instruments of the control system) and layouts of the power supply and control cabinets.
  • Parts lists of all mechanical and electrical components in accordance with the P&ID and the electrical diagrams.
  • Complete and detailed automation specifications according to GAMP 5 consisting of
    FDS: Functional Design Specification - HDS: Hardware Design Specification - SDS: Software Design Specification
  • Verification and validation protocols according to V-model and ASTM E2500 for the system qualification and documentation in the various phases: - DQ: Design Qualification - FAT: Factory Acceptance Test- SAT: Site Acceptance Test - IQ: Installation Qualification - OQ: Operation Qualification - PQ: Process Qualification

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