Christmas Event 2017

Christmas Event 2017

In December 2017, the Sagenrain areal was again stage for the traditional Christmas event.

Clemens and Nick Prokop of TYE (trust your ears) dipped the »Saageräi« for an evening in a unique light of colour.
For exactly fifty years (first edition 1967), Leo Lionni’s »Frederick« has had a firm place in countless children's and adult’s hearts all over the world. The story with its subtle and unobtrusive plea for light, vivid colours, words and sounds reminds us of the necessities of life beyond material satisfaction.

The story and script writer Urs-Peter Zingg, who with his wife managed to lure the Walder mice outdoors, told the enchanting story of »Frederick«

The sound composition of the original »Frederick Suite«, created for this moment, was written by Florian Walser.

The musicians participating in this premiere were:

  • Heidi-Marai Makkonen, violin
  • Florian Walser, clarinet
  • Seth Quistad, trombone
  • Andrea Ulrich, accordion
  • Raphael Walser, contrabass