Media release

Bioengineering AG, Wald, has arranged its succession

Media release

Bioengineering AG in Wald, a global player in plant engineering for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, has settled its succession. The previous co-shareholders, the two entrepreneurial personalities Beat Odinga and Daniel Mettler, have acquired the shares of Gabriella Meyer, the previous main shareholder. This concludes the gradual handover process initiated with Gabriella Meyer's resignation as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The solution that has now been found focuses on the long term, stability and Swiss SME culture. This means that the previous responsible ownership culture, which is strongly rooted in entrepreneurial thinking and action, will be continued across the generational divide. The two new owners, Beat Odinga and Daniel Mettler, are anchored in committed entrepreneurial families and have a strong interest in the prosperity of Switzerland as an industrial location and workplace.

Gabriella Meyer is very pleased that, together with the previous co-owners, it has been possible to find this succession solution for Bioengineering AG. She would like to thank all those involved, and in particular the employees of Bioengineering AG, who have shaped and contributed to the company over many years with great commitment, heart and soul.

Beat Odinga
043 444 26 00

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