Alternative Medicine / Homeopathy

Manufacturers of alternative medicine products and homeopathic drugs follow the same high-quality standards as conventional medicine producers – often also under cGMP conditions. Many applications in this industry require a high mixing quality, as well as gentle treatment of the ingredients. Thanks to the elaborate Paul Schatz mixing principle, the Inversina can dilute homeopathic remedies on an industrial scale – a process otherwise exclusively done by hand!

The Inversina is used by many companies in the field of alternative medicine, which are manufacturing a variety of products, including:

  • Herbal products
  • Homeopathic medicine for humans and animals
  • Plant-derived medicine and therapeutic roots
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Homeopathic fertilizer for plants
  • And many more!
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    The Inversina is used by a substantial number of pioneering companies in the field of alternative medicine all around the world. We invite you to visit our Testimonials section. Personal references are available upon request.

  • Publications

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