Performance Materials

A substantial number of companies rely on the Inversina for their work to manufacture many diverse and sophisticated products. This includes any circumstances where the perfect uniformity of ingredients is an absolute necessity to produce highly reliable parts used in expensive manufacturing processes, making new materials with previously unheard of properties, and/or ensuring patient safety. Performance materials manufactured with the Inversina include:

  • Medical Devices and Implants

- Batteries for active implants (such as pacemakers)

- Dental Implants and other bio-ceramic dental products

- Surgical implants (such as ceramic hip and knee joints)

  • Consumer Care & Cosmetic Products
  • - Skin cosmetics
    - Natural cosmetics
    - Polymers used for contact lenses
    - Other personal care products
  • Diamond, CBN, and solid carbide tools
  • - used for grinding of extremely hard metallic or crystal materials
  • Industrial Biotech and Surface Biotechnology Products
  • - Molecular testing and diagnostic devices
    - High resolution gels for electrophoresis
  • Coatings & Colors
  • - Surface protection coatings for cars, planes, and spaceships
    - Conductors and insulation layers for electronic components
    - Sensitive ink for printing of unforgeable banknotes
    - Specialty ink for industrial toners and imaging devices
  • Fuel Pellets
  • Nanomaterials
  • and many more!

  • References:
  • The Inversina is used by a high number of very successful and distinguished companies all around the world in a large variety of applications. We invite you to visit our Testimonials section. Personal references are available upon request.