• Manufacturing of Drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
    The Inversina Tumbler Mixer ensures a perfectly uniform blend of ingredients for a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs and APIs. For production scale units (20L and larger), complete cGMP documentation turnover packages are available. Furthermore, we offer site acceptance tests, installation, and operator training anywhere in the world.
  • Compounding & Compacting
    Compounding pharmacies, medical doctors, and hospitals use both manual and electric Inversinas in order to achieve reliable and reproducible formulation of custom and/or OTC drug products.
  • Formulation Development
    All our Inversinas use the same 3D Inversion Kinematics, known as the Paul Schatz Principle. This allows for easily replicated results and great scale-up properties from development to manufacturing.
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control and Sample Preparation
    After a sample of the product is obtained, moving it to the laboratory for testing or even letting it sit for some time can lead to segregation. In some cases a number of samples need to be homogenized prior to further analysis. In such circumstances, Inversinas up to 20L ensure perfect mixtures of one or more samples at the same time, while allowing for the use of virtually any container, tube, or vial.
  • References:
    More than half of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world (as per 2010 revenue reports) own one or more of our Inversinas!

    Drugs manufactured in the Inversina include both prescribed and OTC products. Therapeutic applications include diabetes care, pain relief, antibiotics, cardiovascular disease, drugs against infections, various kinds of vaccines, and many other uses for both human and animal health applications. Delivery methods include oral / solid dose drugs, lyophilized / freeze-dried products, as well as inhaled dry powders and sterile injectables.

    We invite you to visit our Testimonials section. Personal references are available upon request.

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