CFD for process optimization and scale up

Our head of Process Engineering Gero Greive spoke with the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network about a case study using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for process optimization and scale-up.
Watch the webinar at this link.


The mathematical, computer-aided modelling of the flow conditions in a bioreactor offers a cost-effective alternative to experiments with real reactors. Already in an early project phase, essential features of a bioreactor such as homogeneity of mixing, mixing times, specific power input, local shear forces, specific gas transfer rates (kLa values) and also the mechanical design of the agitator and the vessel geometry can be optimized in terms of high productivity of the intended fermentation process.

Subsequent cost and time-intensive adjustments to the reactor systems, which may prove necessary due to tests in the real system, become obsolete or can only be realized with little effort.

CFD also supports the scale-up of small experimental systems to larger reactors to a considerable extent.