The NLF is a bioreactor for small production volumes. The mobile unit is extremely reliable and space saving and is designed in a modular way. Available inclusive of the GMP documentation packet. Consequently it can be used for low-budget or high-budget production quantities. Or in a nutshell: a super product for your pilot production.


  • Several automation levels available
  • Matched system design; optimal for scale-up and scale-down studies
  • Designed according to FDA and GMP Standard


  • Individually combinable optional components for special applications and organisms
  • Automated sterilization (SIP) and cleaning (CIP)
  • Ideal for scale-up and scale-down testing due to matched system design
  • Also available as a single fermentor, in multi configuration or as part of the inoculation of a production plant
  • Complete documentation according to FDA/EMA Regulations for preclinical applications available.
  • Built with robust, long-lasting components - based on 50 years of experience


  • Installation
  • Basic training
  • Documentation
  • Annual maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Technical support

Technical Details

  • Processing capacity: 11 / 13 / 20 liters
  • Vessel: Stainless steel, double shell, double floor
  • Drives: Top drive, bottom drive, Vibromixer
  • Stirrers: Rushton, propeller stirrers, pitched-blade stirrers
  • Ventilation: Venting pipe, ring sparger, sinter sparger, surface gassing, bubble-free gassing Temperature circuit and sterilization: Electrical heating / Cooling water, steam heating / Cooling water
  • Measurement and control technology: Speed, temperature, pH, pO2, antifoam/level, redox, OD, weight, exhaust analysis, numerous interfaces and regulators
  • Gas modules: Up to 8 individual gassing lines with pulsed valves or mass-flow controllers
  • Pump modules: Up to 6 pumps
  • Cleaning: Manually / CIP
  • BioSCADA: Sophisticated control and visualization software for data collection
  • Configuration: Up to 6 bioreactors controllable with a single control unit



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