What you get from 52 years of experience.

52 years. No wonder we can rise to any challenge.

Anyone like us, who has built laboratory and production facilities for decades, knows that success comes from strict observance of the regulations, fast-track projects, innovations and the highest-possible reliability.

Plants and engineered solutions

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  • Bioengineering's plants and systems comply with all common GMP and ASME BPE standards, and are thoroughly tested and qualified.
  • High-grade automation of the plants and systems create the highest standards in terms of personal and product safety.


Upstream processing involves much more than just a reactor for microbial fermentation or cell culture

  • The fermentor or bioreactor is the core of the biotechnological production. Various culture media and metering agents must be fed aseptically into the reactor during cultivation. After cultivation, the product must be harvested, the bio-waste inactivated and all vessels and lines must be cleaned. The product is then concentrated, purified and formulated.
  • Apart from bioreactors and fermentors, Bioengineering also supplies concepts for the manufacture and storage of media, for continuous sterilization, sterile filtration, CIP, formulation and inactivation, including liquid transfer and control of the relevant steps.
  • Bioengineering plans, designs, develops, constructs and validates the upstream equipment of biotechnological and pharmaceutical plants, and thus realizes the ideas of customers and meets their process requirements.
  • Your request is our command, which is why we build plants and systems tailored to the intended use of your process and products, while - economically and safely - employing innovative components, even for the most demanding processes.

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