Continuous Sterilization

Our fast, reliable and efficient alternative to the conventional boiler sterilisation. You consequently save time and energy and, therefore, money. One thing you do not need to save on is praise. That pleases us.


  • Swift and efficient large-scale media sterilization
  • Independent sterilization of equipment and medium
  • Steady-state conditions


Standard systems for smaller reactors, customized sterilization strategies for large reactors:

  • 20-30-40 l/h continuous sterilization systems: The medium is brought to sterilization temperature in a heat exchanger, held at this temperature for 90 seconds in an insulated holding section, and then cooled off in a second heat exchanger. A control system ensures that the sterilizing temperature has been reached before the medium is pumped into the reactor (or is returned to the media vessel). The system is very compact with a base size of 65 x 65 cm; it is also very efficient with its pipe-in-pipe heat exchangers, insulated holding section and a three-stage flow rate control.
  • Up to 10m/h continuous sterilization system:Large-scale continuous sterilization systems are always built to customer requirements. Swirl-flow heat exchangers, insulated thermal soaking zones, control and automation systems as well as CIP systems are designed to ensure high flow rates, excellent heat transfer, swift and thorough cleanability and maximum safety in the aseptic process. Recuperators are used for efficient energy recovery and for cutting costs.


  • Full sterilization of production reactors are time and energy consuming. Based on the vessel size, it is difficult to achieve an economic temperature/time profile. In addition to this, sensitive media can denature during long heating and sterilization phases, which negatively affects the process.
  • As a clever alternative, Bioengineering developed the continuous sterilization with the HTST (High Temperature Short Time) system. Here, the medium is sterilized before it is filled into the reactor. Continuous sterilization is especially suitable for microbial fermentation media.
  • Process control is very demanding, as sterility must be ensured. Many years of experience make Bioengineering your ideal partner when it comes to the planning and construction of continuous sterilization for your bioreactor system.