Filter Stations

Filter Stations

Sterility is a critical factor for cell culture. Our filter stations help to avoid heating denaturation, and manufacture sterile solutions in order to make your processes safe. That is the pure truth.


  • Media lines and filter housings are adapted to the process
  • Available filters include preliminary filters, sterile filters and virus filters
  • Suitable for all Code 7 filters of all makes
  • SIP, CIP and complete automation possible


With flow rates from several liters per hour to 10 m³/h, Bioengineering's filter stations find use in small laboratories as well as at large-scale production facilities.

  • Full sterilization of production bioreactors is time and energy-intensive, and cell culture media are often sensitive to heat.
  • Empty sterilization of the vessel and sterile filtration of media and dosing agents are an economic and practical alternative.
  • Bioengineering filter stations for biotechnological and biopharmaceutical research institutions and production plants are customized to the process and system. They can be automated and equipped with safety systems to ensure the smooth process.
  • They consist of one or more media lines, and differently sized filter housings are also possible in a filter station.


Tailor-made for your process requirements

  • Version: Depending on the process requirements, preliminary filters, sterile filters and virus filters can be connected in series. A station is capable of filtering different media over different lines. Usable with all Code 7 filters of all makes.
  • Safety: Filter integrity tests, measurement and control of flow rate, level measurement switches for ventilation and pressure measurement, in order to immediately detect initial signs of clogging. All of these features provide for a safe and trouble-free process.
  • Automation: All filter stations can be sterilized, integrated in a CIP system, automated, and are available with complete documentation.

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