Formulation Vessels

Formulation Vessels

Medicines from a casting. From the first to the last drop. Controlled conditions for biopharmaceutical formulations and homogeneity through to complete boiler emptying are the key to your success.


The key to biopharmaceutical formulation is homogeneity to the last drop

  • Vaccines and other pharmaceutical products are formulated by mixing the active ingredient with stabilizers, buffers and other additives.
  • When the formulation takes place in liquid form, formulation vessels will be required in which different liquids can be dosed and mixed under precisely controlled conditions.
  • The homogeneity of the formulation is very important and must be ensured down to the last stages of vessel-emptying for transfer to the filling station.
  • Bioengineering produces formulation vessels, which are specifically equipped for your process.These can be operated manually or fully automated.

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  • Magnetic or Vibromixer
  • Control of temperature and pH-level
  • Temperature-controlled transfer lines to the filling station


  • Vessels: Stainless-steel vessels with capacities from 50 to 2,500 liters.
  • Homogeneity: Magnetic stirrers are standard. Vibromixers can be used for suspensions, e.g., with aluminum particles. Stirrers in formulation tanks are designed to be effective even at very low vessel filling levels. The minimum operation capacity therefore is a key parameter.
  • Control: Adjusting the pH level is often required during formulation. pH probe, controller and dosage systems ensure smooth regulation. Cooling systems for temperature control ensure product quality.
  • Transfer: An isolated loop system with temperature monitoring is used as standard for controlled transfer from the formulation vessel to the filling station. Transfer solutions to customer requirements are also available.

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