Media / Buffer Prep.

Media / Buffer Prep.

Liquid dosing, dust-free powder addition, sterile transfer; our made-to-measure charging vessels for media and buffers make the manufacturing process easier for you. One of our successful recipes.


  • Dust-free filling
  • Simple manual operation or complete automation
  • Safe media and buffer preparation


Upstream and downstream peripheral equipment in the spotlight

  • One of the cornerstones of reproducible and successful biotechnological and biopharmaceutical production is the preparation of media and dosing solutions upstream and buffers downstream of the cultivation.
  • Production systems require preparation tanks for media and buffers for the infeed of ultra-pure water, in which powders are dissolved.
  • In cleanrooms, the powder transfer must take place dust-free.
  • Solutions are filled into storage tanks and from there fed into the respective reactors or vessels, where they are used as culture medium, correction medium, fed-batch medium or buffer for downstream processing.
  • Cell culture processes differ significantly from microbial fermentations, which is why set-up of tanks and components can vary a lot.
  • Bioengineering builds all preparation tanks for media and buffers to precisely meet individual process requirements.

Technical Details

Depending on plant size and process requirements, there are many possibilities for the equipping of media and buffer/preparation tanks:

  • Vessels: Sterilizable stainless-steel vessels with capacities from 30 to 20,000 liters, autoclavable stainless-steel containers from 10 to 50 liters, glass bottles with capacities from 0.5 to 10 liters.
  • Infeed/Charging: Powder is fed into the the vessel using simple, dust-free systems, such as the Cup-Hermann powder transfer system, with drum-lift-systems, or with vacuum-feed systems.
  • Solution: Thorough yet gentle dissolution of the infed powder is is archived by suitable stirrers or circulation pumps.
  • Transfer: From on/off pumps to pressure-operated fully-automated metering systems.
  • Controlling: Level control, weight control, pH control, sterilization, full integration into the CIP system, full documentation possible.

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