Shedding Light

The book

This volume ‘sheds light’ on the aesthetic of the unassuming. It grants access, through nuance in shadow and light, to phenomena which may have otherwise remained invisible. The photographer exposes order and structure within our living chaos, an ever—evolving flux in the natural and man-made which Ansel Adams describes as compelling, surprising and inescapable living experience. We witness a viewpoint trained on natural landscapes shift its photographic gaze to a world within pharmaceutical plant production. The ensuing synthesis of the natural and technical surprises us with an enlightened view, whether that falls on day-to-day protocols of plant construction or heaped and unappreciated snow at roadside.


Paolo Sarti has been engaged in landscape and nature photography since his youth. Over two years he brought his camera and eye to his working environment, training them on familiar surfaces to reveal underlying truths. A selection of his findings are presented here alongside kindred works from his collection of natural landscapes to create a dialogue - of form and structure in many shades and levels.


The accompanying texts from Kieran O’Connor similarly bridge the technicality of our eyes and the humanity of our perceptions.

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